What are you doing about COVID-19?

FS Food Group, Plate Perfect Catering and all of our restaurant locations are committed to the safety of our staff and patrons as we navigate this new time.

We remain committed to working with local and federal officials and all relevant health agencies to ensure we have the proper protocols and guidelines in place.

All of our teams are going above and beyond to aid in patron and employee safety.  We have hired a Food Safety and Healthcare Consultant to assist us in elevating our procedures outside what is expected in our restaurants as well as our catered events.

We have been open and working throughout the pandemic and adjusting our policies and procedures as information becomes available.

Current catering protocols:

-Ensuring that all vans are cleaned with approved disinfectant daily. This includes wiping down steering wheels, door handles, hot boxes, steering columns, and any other publicly touched surfaces.

-All carts and catering equipment are wiped down and sanitized after each use.

-All vans are equipped with hand sanitizer and a box of gloves.

-All staff have been issued face masks. These face masks are to be worn when entering into any of our concepts as well as prior to exiting a vehicle at any time while working.

-All staff are to have gloves on prior to getting out of vehicles and changing them often.

-All staff will be screened prior to each shift. Anyone with a temperature more than 100.4 will be sent home as this constitutes a fever. Staff that have a temperature will be asked to quarantine for a minimum of 14  days.

-In our office we constantly sanitize common surfaces: such as bathroom, door handles, light switches and other common areas to minimize the risk to of all our staff and clients.

-All staff have been instructed to social distance whenever possible.

-We have created a Boxed Meal Menu to cut down on common usage as well as including individually wrapped cutlery kits with these orders.

-We are happy to staff additional team members to serve from buffets if that is preferred in order to protect all attendees and avoid common usage items on buffets.

We are committed to making our guests feel safe. We are happy to accommodate any special requests or questions regarding event safety.

How much will my party cost?

Pricing is determined by best accommodating the specific needs of the event and desires of the host. Plate Perfect aims to give the best food, service, and planning, tailored for each client and event. Please discuss all specific payment opportunities with our Event Specialists who are happy to offer a detailed quote and proposal.

Why is off-premise catering more expensive than in-restaurant dining?

Many components of offsite catering require time, labor, and resources that move beyond the kitchen of a full-service restaurant. Because we are eager to accommodate any style of event, customization requires more time and often sourcing of ingredients resulting in different costs.

When should I contact Plate Perfect about an event?

To provide thorough service, contact Plate Perfect in the beginning stages of your event and reserve a tentative space in our reservation system. As the date becomes definitive we ask for a signed contract including payment information.

What menu packages are offered?

We offer menu pricing dependent on a per-person basis.

Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included in the quoted price but is always appreciated at the client’s discretion.

What forms of payment does Plate Perfect Catering accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and company or personal checks. Social events require payment three days in advance outlined in your contract.

What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery charges vary based on location, event type, and set up style. The average delivery fee is between $25 and $65 in the Charlotte area.

Is there a cake cutting fee?

There is no cake cutting fee.

Is full bar service an option through Plate Perfect?

With an off premise license for spirituous liquor, beer, and wine, we are happy to offer full bar services.

What happens to left- over food?

We are glad to leave home-sized portions on request with a request that the food is handled and held in correct safe-zone temperatures and proper storage is immediately available. If food safety is compromised the leftover food will be disposed of.

How many staff will be working an event?

The number of staff members for an event will vary depending on location, menu, and logistics.  The number of staff will be determined after a discussion of the specifics of the event and outlined in our detailed catering proposal.

In addition to food, what other charges can I expect?

Delivery fee, equipment fee, and taxes, outlined in the detailed catering proposal.

Are your menus online?

We recommend contacting a Event Specialist to discuss an appropriate menu for your event.

Can you cater at our venue?

We work with a wide variety of venues in the greater Charlotte area, however if you are interested in a venue we have not worked with before we will need to discuss specific catering requirements with the venue manager.